ANVAL quality management system is designed to drive by itself with the strong support from every individual in the hierarchy of the organisation, which emphasize on clear documentation process and procedures that conform to international standards.

One of the most important concepts when it comes to manufacturing is quality measures and metrics for manufacturing. Our company uses quality to ensure the manufactured products attain their goals and are being met in an effective and efficient manner.

Product Testing

On assembly, valves are subjected to functional testing by running it for specific duration to ensure that it meets our quality requirements. Final product testing is done with respect to Anval standards and also as per clients requirement.

Anval is committed to deliver products that meets Anval standard for standard products and Customer specific Quality requirements Right first time.
We have a “NON- WELDING” policy, meaning “NO WELDING” is allowed in our products and whatever Casting defects that may affect the performance of the Valve are rejected.
We are CE and ISO 9001:2008 Certified company.
Our people practices Kaizens as part of Continuous improvement in all areas.

Quality Measures

We follow "SINGLE PIECE FLOW" against Batch production that ensures quality at each and every step in production.

Quality is the foremost measure of performance and. also we make sure on the following.

Improved Quality and fewer defects
Reduced Inventory.
Enhancing overall manufacturing flexibility.
Ensuring a safer work environment.
Improved employee morale.

Manufacturing Practices

5S and Kaizen being a integral portion of our lean production activity, Anval is able to manufacture goods more effectively and thus helps the organization to adopt flexibility in production, when there is a change in the market needs.