Anval ATEX Rotary Valves

RHX Series

Anval have a vast and exciting selection of Rotary valves including the newly AEX Certified RHX Series; specifically designed for Explosive atmosphere.

The RHX Series valves are ATEX marked and designed with the intenstion of being used in potentially explosive atmospheres, provisions have also been made for all essential Health and Safety requirements.

The Anval RHX Series can be used in Safety zones 20 (Internal) and 21 (External), in application areas such as steel, cement, power plants, mineral processing, chemicals, flour mills and other areas where a potentially explosive atmosphere may be present.

" RHX Series valves are compliant with the requirements of ATEX Directive 94/9/EC to handle tough, volatile applications with low maintenance requirements."


International Sales Conference on "Generating Momentum"

Conference Conference Conference

International Sales Conference on "Generating Momentum" brought together the leaders and delegates from Australia, UK and India to discuss about the over all strategy and comprehensive companys overview for future growth and expansion.

The conference was started with a difference providing "Ice Breaker" to the contestent with a "Cricket Match". Partcipant was divided into groups and the best team on the group won the match. The game was more "fun filled" and each team enjoyed the bet.

The next day session was followed with a presentation by companys Managing Director Mr.Matthew Martella, it was an eye opener session providing the participants with complete company overview strategy, growth contrive along with the future plans.

Each participant contributed their presence with their individual topics that covers on the major functional domains they work on. It includes, a cross-business forum for interdisciplinary understanding, discussion held on a range of topics from Marketing, Technical, Innovation, Sales, Production, finance, HR, IT & Administration.

Factory visit was arranged to the participants,followed by the vendor and supplier sessions.The final day of the conference, was ended with a high note on "cocktail" a fantabulous evening to remember for ever.

The conference was held at "RainTree" hotels, Chennai from 23 to 26 Apr 2012.

January 18th to 20th 2010 - Sales Conference on "The Key Difference"

Conference Conference Conference

Message from our MD on the Conference

Welcome to Anval's very first sales Conference. It coincides with the company's first birthday with the Board of Directors committing to the extablishment of the company at the end of December 2008.

We now move forwards with a sense of growing purpose as we truly create a unique identity. Operating in a niche market, there are oppurtunities for us where others have failed to realise.

To date our investment has been mostly in equipment, systems and processes. However this conference is about that last factor - "Unlocking the true potential of Anval".

Matthew Martella,
Managing Director.

Press Releases

July / August 2010

"ANSAC" goes International

Moving beyond its traditional home of Bunbury Western Australia, Ansac has in the last two years established its presence across three continents. In the manufacturing hub of Chennai, India, Ansac has invested heavily in a state of the art manufacturing facility, incorporating the very latest in CNC technology and LEAN manufacturing principles..Read More