Robust, high efficiency and versatile design, all for handling bulk materials with various properties and applications. This “Single piece” cast design can handle a maximum capacity of about 469 m³/hr with higher temperature.


RH Wired ModelAnval RH series rotary valves can serve to extensive range of applications from heavy minerals industries to light agricultural applications, even under harsh operating conditions.

Our products and solutions have proven themselves across a wide range of industries and in some of the most demanding manufacturing environments. We are proud to be the prescribed suppliers of valves for some of the world’s biggest mining companies.

RH series valves are available in opening sizes from 150mm - 600mm. Unlike our competitors, the Anval valve bodies are fully cast in a single piece reducing the number of seams for wear. In addition, as all of the components are manufactured from cast iron the valve has all of the advantages of cast iron over traditional mild steel including superior corrosion resistance, better wear properties and thermal stability.

Opening Size : 150 to 750 mm
Flange Opening : Circular / Square
Differential Pressure : Higher Pressure handling capability
Temperature : Higher Product temperature
Drives : Chain Driven / Direct Driven
Material of Construction : Mild Steel / Cast Iron / Stainless Steel
Capacity Range : Upto 469 m³/hr Max.
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Anval RH Series valves can also be fully customised to suit your needs and can be fabricated with a range of sizes, materials and rotor configurations. RH series valves are available to be fabricated in mild steel, stainless steel and high temp alloys; regardless of the application required.


Specials manufactured to suit specific requirements.
Direct mounted gearbox.
Easy to maintain.
Higher product temperature.
Replacable "Labyrinth seals".
Higher pressure handling capability.
Manufactured to suit specific requirements.
Heavy duty cast iron construction
Available in a range of speeds

Sealing Method

Perfect sealing is definitely required on the rotating shaft and Anval rotary airlocks adhere to it by using "labyrinth seals". To seal dust and achieve smooth operation, dust tight seal on a rotating shaft is required. These labyrinth seals even effective with highly abrasive products and also when there is a differential pressure.


Anval RH Series valves can be fully customised and can be fabricated to suit applications, thus allowing customers to choose product of their choice. RH series valves are best suitable for industries ranging from chemicals, food, steel, cement, wood, steel, power to mineral processing plants.

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