RFS Rotary Floating Shoe valves provide unmatched performance as airlocks in high wearing applications. This RFS series can last up to four times longer than traditional rotary valves.


RFS Wired Model Rotary Floating Shoe or RFS Valves form an important part of the Anval range of materials handling valves. RFS Valves are rotary valves specifically designed for high wear applications.

The valves can be used in both positive and negative pressure applications and consist of a main body with bolt-on side plates and a rotating, webbed rotor located in between.

Opening Size : 250 to 750 mm
Flange Opening : Circular / Square
Differential Pressure : Higher Pressure handling capability
Temperature : Build to eminent Temperature
Drives : Direct Driven / Chain Driven
Material of Construction : Mild Steel / Cast Iron / Stainless Steel
Capacity Range : upto 550 m³/hr Max.
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To achieve 100% positive sealing, the Anval RFS Series Valve has a "FLOATING SHOE"' which slides tightly into the main body top port flange and rides onto the rotor by gravity force. The shoe slide is sealed with a double 'O' ring between the shoe and the main body, and where the shoe rides on the rotor, the contact surface between the two parts forms a mechanical seal.


The Anval RFS Series also feature a sacrificial, hardened SG iron adjustable shoe. The shoe, which sits on the rotor, has up to 10mm of wear and can be adjusted externally while in operation to maintain minimal clearance at all times.

Ultra heavy duty cast iron.
Ceramic tipped rotor to ceramic tipped rotor to improve wear.
Adjustable hardened cast iron shoe to maintain airlock even after some wear has occured.
Available in direct drive or chain drive.
Easy to maintain.
Build to eminent temperature.
Higher pressure handling capability.
Heavy duty cast iron construction
Available in a range of speeds

Long Service Life

The long service life that distinguishes Anval RFS valves from all other valves in the market is achieved through the ceramic tips embedded in all leading surfaces of the blades and end plates of the rotor.


Anval Rotary Floating Shoe Series Valve offers up to 4 times the life of a standard Rotary valve offering unparalleled value for high wearing products such as Alumina, iron ore, cement, coal, fly-ash and mineral sands.

RFS series valves are designed to require very little maintenance over their service life. Anval can offer an overhaul service for customers in which out of service RFS valves can be returned and re-conditioned for return to the client. This minimises the spare parts inventory required by the customer as well as the on-site training required. For customers who rather carry out their own maintenance Anval stocks a comprehensive range of spares available for quick turnaround.

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