We have products pertaining to the engineering sector & exclusively engaged in superior quality material handling. Our Products cater to various material handling requirements of their myriads of global clients. 


Drawing two decades of experience, Anval’s valves are designed and assigned to handle light duty to heavy duty applications with temperature ranging of about 500°C, and volume of about 815m³/hr. Robust, rigid, customisable and durable are some of the characteristics that positions Anval Valves as a preferred partner for bulk material handling.

In a rotary airlock, the vanes rotate and the pockets, which are formed between the vanes, are filled with the material entering from the top, through the Inlet port, travel around in a rotating motion, and exits at the bottom through the Outlet port.... Read More

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imageThe Anval DH Series has been developed to provide industry with a low cost versatile air locking valve solution to discharge bulk solids while restricting the back flow of air, which can be used in either vacuum or pressurized conditions.

Double dump valve works with two flaps assembled in a housing continually operating in an alternative fashion, while flap one is closed to collect the material and the second one is open to discharge the material.

Anval DH series dump valve range is designed in a highly effective manner emphasizing on total sealing, continuous uninterrupted discharge, with long life and minimal maintenance....Read More


The Anval Slide Gate Valve Series is designed to provide a quick acting isolation valve unit that can be installed into a bulk handling flow path to stop material flow. The Anval slide gate valves are excellent for industries and applications where the isolation of solids is needed. This is achieved through the forcing of the blade into the valve seat by the cam rollers.

Anval slide gate vales are simple and compact in design, robust in structure, excellence in technology and are easy to install. These valves are designed to handle bulk materials for all industrial applications, both continuous and intermediate operation.

Installation has been made easy as the valve can be bolted directly into the flow line by its top and bottom flanges and does not require any additional support. The valve can be installed in any position provided that the flow of material is from the removable chute side...Read More

SL Series - Pneumatic SG Series - Pneumatic
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