High efficiency blow through Valves, for handling food, flour, grains, plastic, chemical, pharma and milling industries. This “Single piece” cast design can handle a maximum capacity of 83 m³/hr with a maximum operating temperature of about 100°C.


RH Wired ModelAnval has an extensive range of rotary valves used in a wide range of applications from heavy minerals industries to light agricultural applications.

Anval ranges of BH valves are available in opening sizes from 150, 200,250, 300 and 350 mm. BH series rotor is fabricated open-ended style, perfectly designed and manufactured to have a close radial clearance of 0.10mm.

Anval BH series body is fully cast on a single piece reducing the number of seams for wear. These valves are compact in design and robustly built.


Opening Size : 150, 200, 250, 300 and 350 mm
Flange Opening : Square
Differential Pressure : Higher Pressure handling capability
Temperature : Build to eminent Temperature
Drives : Chain Driven / Bare Shaft
Material of Construction : Cast Iron
Capacity Range : Upto 83 m³/hr Max.
Rotor : Open Fabricated type


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Heavy Duty cast iron construction with Chain drive.
Robust body and compact in design.
Easy installation and maintenance.
Build to eminent temperature.
Higher pressure handling capability.
Reliable solution for smooth conveyance of materials in a
  pneumatic conveying system with minimal leakage.


Anval BH Series valves are best suitable for food, flour, grain, plastic, chemical, pharmaceutical and milling industries. Alike our competitors, these valves are uniquely designed for pneumatic conveying systems to achieve a smoother flow of materials.

Suitable for non-abrasive products and can eliminate pressure drop to very minimal.

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